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At Container Land we offer a wide range of mobile storage solution. You are now able to buy, rent and custom build your containers. 


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We strive to surpass our customers with excellent experience. We are willing to go above and beyond.

What Separates Container Land?

Container Land has the best pricing in the market. And Container Land ensures you have access to your belongings 24/7.

Safe and Accessible Storage

Accessibility is the number one requirement for many customers when looking for a versatile mobile storage. We offer 24/7 access to your storage. This is one of many reason why Container Land is the best container rental company in Calgary.


During moving and renovations/construction many people often choose to rent our containers to store their belongings. We will deliver the container to you so you can save time on transportation and load your belongings hassle free. d


Are you worried that your belongings are in harms way? Worry not because now with our 24/7 advance security you can feel at peace knowing your belongings are safe with us in your container. 

What do we offer?

Our customers are often surprised when they hear not only they can rent but now they can buy and even custom build their containers.


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Now you can finally breathe knowing your belongings are in safe hands.